Industrial Fabrics

At ICF, Industrial Fabrics are synonymous with Custom Coating. Due to the complex and unique requirements of these prodcuts we do not keep them on hand.  In the past ICF has supplied numerous market sectors, such as the flexible hose, aerospace, fire resistant and artist fabric industries. 

Due to ICF’s unique ability to coat and laminate a variety of substrates we are able to offer a wide range of Custom Fabric Solutions.  These solutions start with our R & D team, who have over 70 years of combined experience at ICF.  Next, utilization of our five production lines under 60,000 sq./ft. of manufacturing space.  These production lines have the ability to process fabrics up to 125” they consist of two liquid coating lines, two lamination lines and one calendar.   

In our coating lines we utilize a variety of coating application processes such as knife over roll, mayer rod, impregnation and roll/pad coating.  Their corresponding curing ovens have a temperature range from 100° to 400°. 

Our laminators have the ability to laminate up to 5 plys of fabrics in one pass; they can utilize films up to 20 mils thick; and have several styles of embossing rollers in stock.

The substrates we most commonly coat or laminate, but not limited to, are as follows:

Polyester, woven & nonwoven
Cotton & Cotton blends

The non-solvent based coatings we most commonly apply are as follows:

Water-based Acrylic

Fire Resistant